Gift Tiles:

Mohamed Hamid, established potter at Star Brewery, Lewes and member of the Sussex Guild has joined with Hayley Brown to create a new range of small gift tiles and decorative commissions. Mohamed Hamid has provided Hayley with his own tiles and she has hand decorated them with her own designs of asian flora and fauna. All work is handmade stoneware in the tin glaze earthenware tradition.

Pottery by Mohamed Hamid, Star Brewery, Lewes.
Decoration and Designs by Hayley Brown.

Wedding Favours:

Hayley can create a personalised range of miniature Ceramic Hearts or Stars hand decorated in many colours, including gold on white. These small hearts are trimmed with matching ribbon and can be used instead of name labels at wedding reception dinners and a special unique gift for your guests to take home as a memento of your day. Photos to be uploaded soon. Contact Hayley if you'd like to be sent an image in the meantime.

Oriental Blossom Hearts:

Miniature ceramic hearts, hand decorated with turquoise background and oriental blossoms in pale pink across the heart. A unique gift to be sent with a card.

Commissions for unique panel designs can be arranged.

Hand Decorated Tiles in any design.

Hand Decorated Tiles in any design.Mughal Blue Petals. Tile by Mohammed Hamid, hand decoration by Hayley Brown.